One of the most annoying things about floors is that it takes a lot of effort to maintain them. It is especially because different type of flooring requires different methods of cleaning. Not all floors are meant for polishing but all floors have some method of keeping them spotless and clean. Here some ways to clean your floors.Laminate floors may represent hard wood planks or stone flooring suck from blackbutt timber flooring to strand woven bamboo flooring. Whatever the floor maybe made laminated floors does not easily damage and is actually easy to clean.

Most cleaning products can easily leave your floor spotless. The flooring is constructed in a way that it will last strand woven bamboo flooring in Perth but the only precaution you will have to take about having planks is that you must not allow water to seek underneath the planks. Dry mopping or vacuuming the floor will be ideal.If you take hardwood floors without the laminate but it may be waxed or non-waxed. If it is waxed make sure you don’t wet it. Just use a dust mop and sweeping or you can vacuum it daily to keep it in good shape. If it’s not waxed, you can vacuum you can add simple amount non acidic soap with water and use it to mop the floor.Bamboo flooring is beautiful and it can be a tricky floor to clean but it can also be one of the most durable and hardest types of flooring.

You may use the same cleaning supplies that you used for hardwood but make sure your wipe the excess moisture with a dry cloth. Moisture is not good for bamboo flooring. Next if look at tiles that is laminate flooring, it will depend on how often you clean. If you are looking at weekly cleaning sessions use dry mopping to make it look fresh.

Have a solution of vinegar and dish soap together with some warm water and spray it on the tiles. Once you do mop it. If you want to do some deep cleaning use a steamer to reach the grout area. Take our tiles and wood you will have the natural stone flooring and experts recommend leaving your vinegar where it is. Vinegar is acidic and acids can damage your floor if you have natural stones. You can clean your floor using regular non acidic cleaning supplies. If your natural stones are sealed you could just mop the floor with warm water and dirt you could scrub it or use a steam cleaner.