There are a number of things you need to consider when you’re looking to select an international freight forwarding company. A few factors are the cost, security and amenableness. While cost is an important factor, you can’t just select a company depending on the lowest cost. You need a quality service as well because you’re trusting the company with the transportation of your cargo. Therefore, you need to consider their experience and other services offered by them as well.

You need to determine your overall requirements. There are large and small partners when it comes to parcel post customs clearance and you have to figure out which company you want to partner with. There are a few things that can help with your decision such as the coverage that is needed to support your company, needs for customer service etc. You have to think about the overall cost of the operation and not just the cost it takes for the transportation. Since you’re running a company, the decision making is not just done by you, it has to be approved by the internal management as well. Therefore, the internal organisation of your company has to fully support your decision in the freight company you choose.

It is very important to research customs clearance agents that you’re thinking of partnering with. This will mean checking up on their experience, their financial stability, local office and coverage. You need to know the modes of transportation that they are proficient in as well as the types of cargo they commonly transport. This is because they have to be competent enough to deliver your cargo safely within the specified time frame to the destination. You can ask for recommendations from your colleagues in the business about the forwarders they use. You can also look up the information the freight forwarding company’s website and also what is given in blogs and relevant sites about the process, what rules and regulations are required etc.

Once you get a clear idea about the company or companies that you have chosen, the next step will be to talk to them. You can set a time and a place for a meeting so that you can get additional information. Be very clear on your requirements such as the volume of cargo you want to ship, the time frame, mode of service you require, if there are any special services you need etc. This will give them a better idea of what you want and they will be able to tell you how the process works and limitations of the company.