Choosing between a house and an apartment could depend on a number of factors. It could be that you work right in the city, you don’t have the finances for a house etc. if you are having second thoughts on the choice you made, well then you shouldn’t be. Here are a few benefits of living in an apartment rather than a house.

  • Financial
    Rent is of course much cheaper than mortgage. The monthly rent payment lower than the chunks of mortgage you will have to pay since buying a house is obviously much more expensive. Also, since apartments are smaller, you’d have to pay less utility bills along with maintenance charges etc.
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance costs are generally lower in apartments since the landlord has the sole responsibility of it. Since there are many units in a building, the amount charged per person can be very less when compared to houses. In a house, you would have to bear it all up, from the garden to the garage to indoors; an entire burden on your shoulders. Apartment owners will do monthly building report at Nelson Bay & Newcastle so you need not worry at all.

  • Amenities
    Apartments normally have a common gym, pool, garden etc. for the usage of tenants. If you lived in a house, you would have to build your own pool and gym. Have you even imagined how expensive it would be? Apartment complexes are a town of its own. When you come out of your apartment, you’d have everything at your fingertips. However there can be scheduled time for the usage of such facilities so talk to your pest and building inspections beforehand.
  • Safety

    Apartments are safer, no questions asked. Why, since the flat itself has security systems installed so you need not pay extra costs for installation. Also, if you are living on the 15th floor, you need not worry about robbers crawling through your windows. Apartments have also limited access only to tenants by use of electronic cards, fingerprints etc. Also, your neighbours are just a door away so when anything happens, it is easier to call for aid.

  • Community
    In busy cities, even though people hardly have time to talk each other, you’d at least meet them on the stairs or in the lift. It helps you in getting to know your neighbours better. In houses, your neighbour must be few yards away so you rarely talk to them. Also, apartments tend to have events organized for all the tenants in the flat during festive seasons such as Christmas, thanksgiving etc.